Telangana Impact on Vijayawada Realestate ! Who is ultimate beneficiary ? - Vijayawada

Saturday, 14 September 2013

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City: Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
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After Telangana Announcement, the dead realty market in Vijayawada seen the boom... undoubtedly !
But who is the beneficiary...
the Landlords hiked the land prices with short agreement time...
the Realtors doubled the prices with waste and attractive advertisements...
the Mediators playing always the bloody role in creaking artifical market, too succeeded...
then, who is the ultimate LOOSER... undoubtedly the INVESTOR...!
And ofcourse, this INVESTOR deserves he is first and real reason for this unhealthy market, due to his immatured attitude, overenthusiastic tempting and greedy intention to reap the REAL fruits in short time, using the channel of TELANGANA...!!
So...Be wise... property buying today is very costly issue. There should be real purpose and it should be meaningful if you buy property. Greedyness definitely needs to be paid penalty. Particularly while investing in a highly influencing market like Vijayawada, one should be cautious regarding showing your hurry and interest particularly due to latest political developments in AP
You know all, well... that already prices touched the peak without reason in Vijayawada. May be due to realtors greedyness in the recent two years. Now imagine... how those prices get doubled simply with a news... no fool will buy from you again at double the prices now you are buying !
Already realtors set goal to grab from your realestate illiteracy and greedyness that something is go happen in short future ! Analyse once... where the prices really increased in vijayawada except the realtors unnecessary hike in prices !
can you drink a thums up at Rs.100 due to political reasons ? Can you purchase a maruthi car for Rs 25 lakhs due to political news ? Can you see the construction of 1 lakhs houses just in one month in one area of Vijayawada due to a news ? Then, how can you expect the land prices to get doubled very shortly due to simply a news ?
Have you forgotten the bitter experiences of investors due to news in 2004 and 2009 about political revolutions in AP ? Still today, there are no houses in the areas of Vijayawada, where investors purchased with hurry and greediness in 2004 and 2009. Now it is the turn of 2013 which will again disappoint investors.
Only Landlords, realtors and agents are the beneficiaries due to your ignorance and innocence in buying plots in Vijayawada simply with a news. Afterall it is the hard-earned money of you and your children. Be careful while investing it !
Let us not be educated fools and fire-flies in the hands of some greedy realtors in Vijayawada ! If you really need a property right now... buy it, but dont be hurry to buy without need due to just a NEWS ! Even if that news comes to reality... dream for a normal situation only... not MRACLES !
NOTE : The views expressed here based on individual experiences and opinions collected from media, individuals and investors. The readers may take their own meaning based on their knowledge on Vijayawada market. If you any news contrary to the above with your field experience, you can share it with